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A How To Guide on Making Pour Over Coffee

Explore the ever so scientific method of brewing: Pour Over Coffee. This brewing method originated in 1908 from a German entrepreneur named Melitta Bentz. Although we're a big fan of Bentz's work, the rise of the French Press twenty-ish years later halted all the hype around the pour over coffee brewing method.

Flash forward to today, we are celebrating the resurgence of this precise method of coffee brewing with a How to Guide on Making Pour Over Coffee. (And no shame if you prefer the French Press, we have a guide on making French Press Coffee as well). 

To create great pour over coffee, you need the right tools. We recommend our 32 oz Ceramic Pour Over Maker in a sleek white or classic black alongside a controlled stream kettle such as our gold Gooseneck Kettle.

Now let's break down the steps of how to make pour over coffee.

 Good Citizen Pour Over Coffee Guide Step 1: Place filter inside the top of the brewer

We recommend that you do one quick swirl of water around the filter to "rinse" the paper filter. This will help set it in place and remove the paper filter taste that can sometimes be distracting from your coffee's flavors. Just don't forget to dump out that extra water before you begin brewing! 

Good Citizen Pour Over Coffee Step 2: Our recipe is 8 heaping scoops of medium-grind coffee, 4 cups of water, heated to right off the boil

A fresh grind is always ideal when you are making pour over coffee. We recommend a medium-grind for this brewing method. 

Good Citizen Coffee Pour Over Guide Step 3: Pour approximately 3-4 rounds of water, each time using enough to bring the water level to the top of the filter, and continuing with another pour before the coffee bed dries out.

Be ready to pour in gentle, circular motions as you add the water. Feel free to lift the lid up and swirl the liquid to get every last drop into your pour over maker.

Good Citizen Pour Over Coffee Step 4: Remove the dripper, compost eh grounds and filter, put the lid on and serve.

Now relax, sniff, and sip your tasty cup of pour over coffee. This brewing method is a great way to slow down your morning routine and find a few minutes to yourself. This brewing routine will also leave you with a tasty pot of coffee for all your caffeinated needs throughout the day.

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