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Interested in serving and/or selling direct relationship coffees and working with a team whose top priority is investing in the future of the industry?

Whether you're a multi-roaster in search of your next rotation, a hotel, a restaurant, a cafe, or caterer looking to evalutate their menu, or even a bustling office or place of worship, the Good Citizen team looks forward to supporting you. As a member of the Good Citizen Wholesale program, you will have access to expert consultations and customizable coffee training resources.

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From bean to cup, we work with coffee producers and importers that value transparency and sustainability alongside us. All our coffees are sourced and roasted to highlight the coffee’s natural terroir: each Good Citizen cup will be clean, sweet, and balanced.

Coffee plants on Robel Negro, Costa Rica

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Through our giveback mission, we pay an additional 5% on the cost of our core green coffees, giving farmers extra income to continue to invest in regenerative agriculture farming practices. Our bio-based packaging means eco-friendly coffee consumption from start to finish.

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We are your trusted advisors for all things coffee. Our team’s combined 60+ years of coffee and hospitality knowledge and direct experience make us the perfect fit to effortlessly create and grow your ideal coffee program long-term.  Our customer support team is engaged and proactive in your needs, whether you're running a high volume cafe or brewing for special events on the weekend

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Based in Nashville, TN, creating authentic and long-lasting relationships in our community is our bread and butter. With two Diedrich IR-12, one Diedrich DR-25 roasting machines and a 10bbl capacity brewhouse in a 10,000 sq ft. space, we support and can scale with a number of national grocery, F&B, and hospitality accounts, without compromising our local roots and mission.

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Ask us about our large format simple syrups, bulk tea offerings, and paperware wholesale programs! We offer more than just coffee to help you streamline your supplier lists.

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    Want to work with us in a bigger way? Contact us to talk one-on-one.

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    Have a special project you're working on that needs that extra touch? We partner with brands to create co-branded or white label coffees to perfectly align with your existing brand.

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    Living at the intersection of function and artistry, our direct impact coffees and specialty home wares are made with your personal coffee and tea rituals in mind. Interested in retailing our specialty catalog?

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