Frequently Asked Questions

When will I get my order?

Please expect 2-3 business days for your order to process before being shipped. Transit time of your order depends on the location of the final destination. 
*Please expect delays during Federal Holidays. i.e. Labor Day* 

Are your bags compostable?

Yes! Our bags are made of paper and a compostable PLA plastic made from corn.  The only parts that are not quickly compostable are the tin tie that holds the bag closed and the plastic one-way valve.  Everything else should decompose very quickly, even just in a normal outdoor landfill.  Conventional coffee bags have layers of aluminum sandwiched between non-compostable layers of plastic.  Those bags last quite a long time and there isn't really any way to recycle them because the plastic and metal are melted together.


Is there an order minimum?

Nope! But you do get free shipping on orders over $75 or if you have a coffee subscription!


Can I edit/add to my order once it has already been placed?

The short answer is yes, but we have to do some fancy footwork to make it happen. Email us at roasteryorders@stay-golden.com with your order number and we’ll be able to help you out.  


What will shipping cost?

Shipping is based on weight and price.  When you go to check out it will calculate the cost based on your shipment address. If your order totals $75 or more, you’re eligible for free shipping! If you choose a coffee subscription you’re also eligible for free shipping!