About Us

How We Started

Good Citizen Coffee Co. started in Nashville TN in 2018 - the core team came together quickly as a response to the blank space in the roasting industry in Middle Tennessee. Of course, we wanted to roast great coffee - who doesn't want that? But, we didn't see roasters offering free, ongoing, comprehensive training to their wholesale partners. We knew from the start that the prioritization of this education and continued connection would be one of the main tenants of our brand.

Our coffee business is built on transparency and quality coffee. Sourced from sustainable farms, we help keep specialty-grade coffee in your cup without sacrificing nutrient-dense farming lands.

Our Mission

To bring high quality coffee, tea solutions, and household accessories to everyone through great designs at affordable prices. We honor coffee farmers by bringing their sustainably sourced ingredients into your home by offering clean, sweet, and balanced coffees.

Our Vision

We believe in accomplishing more together through radical transparency in the coffee industry by prioritizing the wellbeing of our communities and planet.

Our Values

Equality & Quality

Common Good

Transparency & Honesty

Kindness & Optimism

Grace & Consideration

Community & Inclusivity

"As we work to heal the earth, the earth heals us."

Robin Wall Kimmerer