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Good Citizen Packaging

At the core of Good Citizen, we want to be good people who advocate for biodiversity, have true relationships with farmers, and deliver specialty coffee for future generations.

With that mission in mind, we have updated our packaging to Neo Plastics™. Wwanted the bags we deliver our delicious coffee in to support our principles of sustainability. That's why we transitioned to a packaging option that supports a better future.

Neo Plastics packaging offers a new tool in the fight for a cleaner environment. This packaging makes it easy to consume your coffee without the creation of single-use plastic waste. It’s also a great solution for people who don’t have local recycling or compost options.

After enjoying your coffee, you can dispose of the packaging in your regular trash. Once discarded into the landfill, Neo Plastics packaging helps accelerate the natural microbial process that creates biogas.

The packaging feels and looks quite similar to our original packaging but just a bit thicker and shinier and it has a superpower - it makes green energy! Overall, the packaging is very similar to traditional plastic materials with no effect on taste.

So what's the science?

Neo Plastics works as an organic additive that is combined with polymer to create packaging that can be converted into reusable energy when disposed of in a landfill. Once deposited into a landfill, waste creates biogas. This biogas can be collected, processed, and turned into clean energy to power homes, schools, and businesses. Currently, more than 600 managed waste facilities recover these biogases - that’s 80% of today’s waste in the United States! 

For more information on landfill gas, visit EPA and the EIA.


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