Latte Art Throwdown poster with coffee cup and sponsors on it

Good Citizen x Hearts - Nashville Latte Art Throwdown

Good Citizen Coffee Co. in partnership with Hearts Nashville is proud to share a recent event that we put on to bring together the coffee community and have a little fun. The Latte Art Throwdown included great food, tasty drinks, and of course, competition! 

This event was formed from our very own Account Manager & Sales Supervisor, Rachel who reached out to Adam, Hearts Coffee Director, and Kate, the owner of Hearts, to create a Latte Art Throwdown competition with a home café to host it at.

Rachel's motivation came from a desire to not only get Good Citizen reconnected with the Nashville coffee community but also bring the community together for themselves. We cannot ignore the impact that Covid-19 has had on the coffee industry and the isolation surrounding it, so we wanted to create an event that was for baristas and coffee enthusiasts.

The Latte Art Throwdown was made to be a community-focused event, so every competitor was asked to share a short bio which was then highlighted during each competition round by the emcee. We asked where the competitor worked, their favorite coffee shop in Nashville, how long they've worked in coffee, and hobbies outside of coffee to bring a personal feel to the event.

Hearts Nashville and Good Citizen Latte Art Throwdown Event

Our partnership with Hearts is near and dear to well, our hearts! We've been working with Hearts since they opened in July 2020. Hearts is a small café in East Nashville with BIG hearts, great food, and really great coffee, of course! They also recently won an award for Best Brunch in East Nashville.

So what is latte art? Latte art is the practice of creating a design with steamed milk into a shot of espresso. This competition allows for creativity and a showcase for baristas that are pushing the limits on traditional latte art designs.

The judging process involved the judges looking for symmetry in the cup, the contrast between milk and espresso, as well as overall aesthetic of the design.

Congratulations to Geo Navarrete (@nah_ima_stay) for their winning Latte Art! 

Latte Art Throwdown - two lattes with decorative designs

We want to say a huge thank you to everyone that came out and competed. This event brought a huge crowd - full of community mingling, watching the competitors throwdown, and indulging in the incredible food & drinks at Hearts. This wouldn't have been possible without our great coffee community and for that we thank you!

Another huge thank you to our sponsors: Prima Coffee Equipment, Sprudge, Oatly, Grimey's, Zion Botanical, Stay Golden Coffee Co, and Acaia! 

For more information and media, check out this News Channel 5 Event Coverage

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