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Ready to Drink Canned Coffee

At Good Citizen, we always strive to make coffee that fits into your everyday practice with ease. Our Ready to Drink Canned Coffees are the perfect companion for on-the-go coffee consumption. 

3 cans of oat milk nitro canned coffee stacked on top of each other

Through our partnership with Oatly, all of our canned coffees are vegan and allergen-free making them safe to drink for any and all coffee consumers. We partnered with Oatly to bring you delicious drinks without dairy. 

We are proud to be able to serve all coffee customers with our vegan line of sustainable and allergy-friendly canned coffee. This product is new to our line and we're so excited to share it with you all! It's new and fresh - just like our canned coffee! 

Iced Coffee Cans with ingredients around them

Our Ready to Drink Cans are made to sip specialty coffee on the go in a convenient pop-top can. Our cans are made using high-quality, specialty-grade coffee in a fair and equitable way that honors the farmers and the hard work they put into every coffee cherry. We create our canned coffees through a flashed chilled process which ensures that every batch of Ready to Drink Cans are full of the fresh coffee flavor you know and love.

3 Iced Coffee Cans

With the power of flash chilled processing, you still get all your favorite aromatics and flavors without the unpleasant astringency or dilution in the flavor profile.

Our Coffee Brewhouse allows us to brew a large amount of coffee with precision and accuracy. Our brewing methods give us complete control over the entire brewing process - helping us ensure a carefully monitored and expertly crafted beverage each and every time. 

We believe coffee’s flavor should always be vibrant, dynamic, and most importantly, fresh. Our flash chilled process ensures that the coffee’s flavor maintains its integrity as it is turned from hot to cold for our Ready-to-Drink cans.

Each batch of hot coffee is rapidly chilled through our heat exchange system. This system traps aromatic and flavor compounds in the beverage that would otherwise be lost. Flat bottom filters promote lateral uniformity in the coffee bed of the brewing chamber to ensure maximum flavor extraction.

Each batch of coffee is brewed in a closed system. This helps mitigate the risk of undesirable flavors from oxidation while ensuring the sanitization of the product. 

Chocolate Nitro Coffee with ingredients surrounding it

Crack open and pour over ice or enjoy straight out of the can! 

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