White ceramic pour over coffee brewer

Good Citizen Pour Over Brewer

Making the perfect pot of coffee with a pour over brewer takes just 4 minutes and just a few steps!  Let's get started.  Be sure to gather your ingredients, the pour over brewer, and a scale. 


  • 50g coffee medium grind
  • 800ml water, just off the boil (~210 degrees)
  • 8-12 cup coffee filter


  1. Rinse filter.  Using a scale, pour 100g of water for the "bloom" and start your timer.  After 30 seconds, you can start your first pour. 
  2. Using a steady circular motion, pour 300g of water until the scale reads 400g.
  3. Before the coffee bed dries, pour your second pour.  Use 200g for a total of 600g.
  4. Before the coffee bed dries, pour your third pour, using 200g for a total of 800g
  5. Around 4 minutes, the process should be complete. If there is a small pool of water on top of the coffee, don't worry!  Go ahead and remove the dripper.
  6. Put the lid on the brewer and serve!
  7. Enjoy!

Don't have your brewer yet?  Make sure you purchase it here!  Available in black and white. 

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