Sip Smarter: 7 Reasons to Switch to Regenerative Coffee

Sip Smarter: 7 Reasons to Switch to Regenerative Coffee

Welcome back to the Good Citizen newsletter, our weekly post dedicated to our favorite roasts. From specialty brews to how-tos, we’re passionate about all things coffee, specifically how coffee can directly affect our health as well as the environment. 

Last week, we dove deeper into the literal coffee buzzword, caffeine. If you’re interested in learning more about how to harness coffee’s energy-boosting benefits without the jitters, give it a read!

This week, we’re excited to bring you the latest scoop on a trending coffee revolution—regenerative coffee. While this eco-friendly, health-conscious alternative has been our passion at Good Citizen for years, it’s only just now gaining popularity amongst coffee drinkers. So…is it worth the hype? Read on for seven compelling reasons why regenerative coffee is worth every sip.

  1. Environmental sustainability. Turns out, this coffee is called “regenerative” because of the sustainable practices used to grow its beans. Enhancing soil health, conserving water, and protecting biodiversity are some of the many eco-friendly pros of regenerative coffee agriculture, pros you’re supporting with each brew!
  2. Enhanced nutritional value. Because they’re grown in nutrient-rich soils, regenerative coffee beans naturally contain higher levels of the minerals and antioxidants essential to a healthy human body. We’re not saying ditch your regular supplement regimen, but adding regenerative coffee to your morning lineup could add an extra nutritional boost to your day. 
  3. Lower acidity. Sensitive stomachs, rejoice! Regenerative coffee offers a milder, less acidic taste, much gentler on your digestive system than other coffees. It’s also been known to minimize acid reflux issues, so less fire-breathing, more savoring.
  4. Reduced chemical exposure. Unlike conventional coffee farming, regenerative methods prioritize natural pest control, reducing the need for chemical pesticides and herbicides that can leave behind harmful residue. Yeah, we’d pick oat milk over herbicides in our latte any day.
  5. Richer flavor profile. Fun fact: when coffee beans grow in the shade, they often take on a more complex flavor. That’s because the lesser light slows down the maturing process of the bean, bringing out richer tasting notes. Regenerative coffee is shade-grown, therefore making it that much more bold and flavorful.
  6. Support for local communities. Regenerative coffee practices prioritize fair trade and social responsibility. The intention behind these agricultural methods and ethics empower farmers and help better support their livelihood. We think this is one of the biggest benefits of regenerative coffee—better coffee that’s better for everyone.
  7. Positive climate impact. Ever heard of “carbon sequestration”? It’s a method of climate change prevention that involves extracting carbon dioxide from the earth’s atmosphere. The process of regenerative coffee farming helps support this sequestration, making a small but delicious step towards a healthier, more sustainable future. 

So whether you’re doing it for your health, the planet’s health, or simply for the incredible flavor, why not give regenerative coffee a try? Sample some of our great tasting regenerative coffees with our Good Citizen coffee subscription plan for deliciously bold beans delivered to your doorstep.

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