How Specialty Coffee Supports Mental Well-being: Tips for a Calm Mind

How Specialty Coffee Supports Mental Well-being: Tips for a Calm Mind

As with any health claim, I want to start out by saying that the benefits of coffee on one’s mental well-being are not the same for everyone. Caffeine may negatively affect some of you and not benefit from coffee at all!

However, for the majority of coffee drinkers, there can be some strong positive mood and mental well-being effects stemming from coffee when consumed in moderation (4-6 cups/day) by blocking A2A receptors that cause fatigue and depression. Let’s review some majors below.

  1. Coffee (caffeine) is known to elevate mood.
  2. Coffee can increase alertness and cognitive function.
  3. Researchers have linked coffee to a reduction in depressive symptoms by limiting cognitive failures and lowering social inhibitions.
  4. Coffee can increase focus and attention to detail - even in some people with OCD tendencies.
  5. Coffee has been linked to a lowered risk for developing Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other cognitive disorders.
  6. Research has linked coffee to an increase in memory function.
  7. Coffee is rich in antioxidants, is anti-inflammatory and may promote a healthy gut microbiome - all linked to mental well-being.

Mix morning coffee with some afternoon green tea (l-theanine) or ashwagandha and you have a recipe for a cool and collected evening without the anxious jitters. It is recommended to drink 4-6 cups per day and stop at 2pm. Go decaf if you’re from anywhere outside the US (pretty much everywhere else evening coffee is the norm) and rake in only about 2 mg of caffeine per cup.

For a deeper look into coffee and its positive impact on mental health check this article out by the National Coffee Association, or this article from Coffee & Health.

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Until next time, stay calm & caffeinated!


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