Step-by-Step Guide: Brewing the Perfect Cup of Specialty Coffee at Home

Step-by-Step Guide: Brewing the Perfect Cup of Specialty Coffee at Home

Hey Coffee Enthusiast!

I really appreciate you coming along this journey in discovering how coffee can be both better for your health and better for our planet. It is a big mission we’re on together!

Today I want to look at some of my favorite ways to brew coffee with some simple and repeatable ratios that will give you a good cup every single time.]

Let’s start with coffee to water ratios. The ideal range for a delightful cup of coffee is for every 1 part ground coffee use 16-18 parts of water right off the boil. For a stronger cup, go for 1:16 and for a weaker cup go for 1:18 (or anything in between). My absolute favorite ratio is 1:16.5 - I know, I know, we are getting way too specific here. BUT, I promise you can’t go wrong.

Next, let’s look at three tried and true brewing methods.

  1. For a deeper, stronger brew with a heavier mouthfeel that enhances a coffee's inherent sweetness I would go for a French Press. Pour your water fresh off the boil to your desired ratio, lightly stir the slurry to incorporate the coffee, plunge the filter just below the surface of the water to fully saturate the coffee bed, wait 3.5 minutes before plunging the rest of the way and serve!
  2. For a lighter, cleaner, filtered brew my go to is a Kalita Wave brewer and decanter. I also utilize a 1:16.5 brewing ratio for this method. Start by pouring just enough water to simply cover the coffee grinds and wait 45 seconds before pouring the desired amount of water in 50-100 gram increments (or less if brewing a smaller pot).
  3. For you more adventurous and highly nerdy coffee enthusiasts - you may be extracting espresso every morning. I am quite picky when it comes to espresso extractions. Origin forward roast profiles perform best at a 1:2.5-3 ratio with a longer extraction time (17 grams coffee in, 42.5 grams out at around 30-35 seconds). Lighter roasts tend to give more at these higher extractions.

Of course there are many ways to brew coffee but these happen to be some of my favorites that make up the majority of my coffee consumption. 

Check back in next week for more farm-level intel!

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