Our Story

Good Citizen is a Nashville-based coffee company and lifestyle brand committed to compassion, conservation, and really great coffee.

Finca Cedral Alto

How We Started

Good Citizen Coffee Co. started in Nashville, TN in 2018 - the core team came together quickly as a response to the blank space in the roasting industry in Middle Tennessee. From there, we built ourselves on transparency and quality coffee. Sourced from sustainable farms, we help keep specialty-grade coffee in your cup without sacrificing nutrient-dense farming lands. We believe in the big impact of seemingly small choices, like deciding which coffee to drink. While we’re not the first Nashville-based roastery out there, we’re proud to be one of the only ones centered around biodiverse farmers.

farmer carryings coffee beans basket

Our Mission

To provide sustainably conscious, quality coffee brewed in Nashville that is making a difference for future generations.

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Our Investment

Sustainability is a core piece of what makes us, us! We work directly with the farmers to give back to the land by planting trees, fruits, and vegetables that invite animals and insects to thrive in their natural habitats. Creating biodiverse soil for generations to come.

Meet our farmers

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