Our Passion

The seeds of Flora & Fauna first took root in Costa Rica.

While walking on Jorge's land, Finca Cedral Alto, we were amazed by Jorge's commitment to the betterment and commitment to the long-term health of his land. Not only apparent in the beauty and complexity of the farm, but also in the cup quality of the coffee he produced. During their walk, Jorge explained that by diversifying the crops he grew and integrating animals into his agrarian system, he was encouraging a healthier ecosystem and creating a more nutritious soil. Jorge's commitment to the health of his land inspires us to this day.

Our Commitment

The answer is simple in theory, but costly in practice. Give back to the land by planting trees and fruits and vegetables that invite animals and bugs to thrive in their natural habitats. But, of course, something like this takes time and money - resources we universally lack. But, if we want to see coffee-producing countries thrive we must make the investment now.

That's why we commit to paying an additional 5% to core farmers so they can invest in their land, thus investing in the future and biodiversity - a cycle of people helping people.

Our Investment

We continue to expand our resources that help consumers understand the connection between soil health and the future of coffee. Sustainability is a core piece of what makes us, us!

While sourcing coffee, we are focused on working with producers and importers that value transparency and sustainability alongside us.