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Hold Fast

Hold Fast

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Over the years, we've had people ask if we would ever consider offering a darker roast, something for those who typically enjoy French or Italian style coffees. A few months ago, we tried one out with Legender Especial, a blend of Brazilian coffees from within the Minas Gerais State. We had a great response but the the only problem, coffee is seasonal! So that inspired us to bring back out of retirement our Hold Fast blend as a permanent offering to fill the void left by Lengender!

Hold Fast will typically consist of either single or multiple region Latin American coffees throughout the year, sourced and roasted to promote the caramelized and smoky characteristics that come from more developed roasts. Hold fast is a perfect option for those wanting a traditional old world cappuccino or as a Vietnamese iced coffee.

We taste notes of dark chocolate & caramel, with a syrupy body and overall comforting finish.

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  • These coffee beans are from Latin America
Describing the elevation, process, and varietal of the bean

Farm Level Intel

This coffee was sustainably grown and ethically sourced from farms that put the “good” in Good Citizen.

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