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Louback Farm - Mutua Project

Louback Farm - Mutua Project

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LouBack Farm is one of many participating farms in the Mutua Project, and is produced by Rodrigo Montesanto Pereira Leite. In addition to his dedication to production, Rodrigo is a member and promoter of the "Mútua Matas e Nascentes" project, which aims to assist partner coffee growers in preserving and recovering forests, springs, and treating domestic water and sewage on rural properties through the implementation of integrated conservation practices. The main activities of the project include planting native seedlings from the region, defining permanent preservation areas, and implementing biodigester septic tanks for domestic sewage treatment.

Producers of the Mutua Project also receive additional funds per bag sold and exported.

This coffee is the perfect conversation starter. Read more about the Mutua Project here.

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  • Medium roast
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1:16 brew ratio, course grind, 3 to 4 minutes

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